EdTech + Rostering Features

Enhancing learning to deliver transformative outcomes

We believe in the power of EdTech to transform education. Our platform is designed to make information more accessible for students, teachers, and parents alike. With our personalised learning, efficient communication, and improved education experience, Knowvo is leading the charge in the EdTech revolution.

ERP Features

Pre-admission Portal

Inquiry Tracking Lead Generation Billing Marketing and Sales Management

Admissions Management

Create Classes, Sections, Assign Students and Teachers

Attendance Management and Reporting

Student, Staff Attendance and Leave Approval

Notifications (Apps, SMS, and E-mail)

Clear and consistent Communication with Students and Parents (SMS & Email Charges Apply)

Document Center

Student Documents Archive, Generation of Transfer Certificate and other Compliance Documents

Finance & Accounting

Free Management, Archive, Secure Online Fee Payment , Receipt Generation, Vendor Payments, Payroll, Cash Payment Tracking, etcetera

Transportation Management

Create and manage Routes, Trips, Vehicle Management, Fee Calculation and Automatic Assignment

LMS Features

Scheduler & Digital Diary

Create Timetables, Lesson Plans, Assign Teachers, and track Lesson Programs


Online Homework with Automatic Evaluation and Ongoing Assessments

Digital Content

Free non-proprietary Digital Content for Board and Competitive Exams

Doubt Clarification

Online Portal to post and clear any doubts

Publishing Engine

Create modulated Digital Content Archives (Video, PPT, PDF, and Tests) for On-demand Learning (own or free/paid content)

Social Platforms

Teamwork and Collaboration, creating online Groups and Communities

Testing Engine & Analytics

Create Timetables, Lesson Plans, Assign Teachers, and track Lesson Programs

Knowvo Third-Party Integration

(Through Single Sign-on)

Knowvo's Single Sign-On (SSO) allows for seamless integration with third-party applications, saving time and increasing efficiency. With SSO, users can access multiple applications with just one set of login credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Lead Management and Outbound Calling Solutions

Biometric Attendance

Test Preparation

Student Fee Financing

Co-curricular Learning

Transportation Management

Integration with other EdTech Solutions

Consulting Services

Edtech Partners


Streamlined Admissions

Efficient Management

Personalised Learning

Improved Communication