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Description of service:

Knowvo is an EdTech Marketplace platform that aggregates EdTech products and services across 20+ categories from renowned EdTech companies, to offer a one stop EdTech solution for schools, students, and parents. Categories include Pedagogy & Content, Experiential Learning, STEM Learning, Extracurricular Learning, Co-curricular Learning, Health and Wellness, and School Ecommerce, among others.

Using the power of AI and our breakthrough collaboration model where schools are at the center, Knowvo will elevate the overall learning experience by infusing the human element of personalisation and curation in EdTech at scale. Beyond this, the Marketplace will deliver unmatched benefits such as a single sign on for all products on the platform, reduced search cost, consistent UI & UX and products at significantly less than Market Price.

Schools and their stakeholders (students, teachers, parents) are onboarded to the platform with a base platform that comprises a comprehensive School Management System (LMS and ERP). The School Management System includes modules for pre-admission, admission and student onboarding, attendance and academic management, finance and accounting (fee management, payroll etc.), online classrooms, integrated communication management and more.

Terms of use: