Wellness Special Features

Highlighting overall well-being and holistic development

At Knowvo, we have partnered with BerryBox Benefits to offer a wide range of care services at affordable prices. Our packages allow schools to choose the benefits that best suit their needs. From a doctor on call to career counselling, we have everything students need to prioritise their well-being, achieve their personal health goals, and succeed in their academic pursuits



24x7 Audio/Video Consultation with MBBS Physicians


24x7 Unlimited Audio/Video Consults with Trained Psychologists

Wellness Engagement

through monthly virtual sessions


and Communication Support as per WHO Guidelines


3 LAKHS Personal Accident Cover per student


Consult Module regarding Mental Health on the App

Up to 50% OFF on virtual Specialist’s Audio and Video consultations

Up to 30% OFF on Individual Tests and up to 70% OFF on Health Packages

Up to 25% OFF on Medicines Delivery across India via online and pharmacy network

Up to 10% OFF OPD Clinic, Dental, Eye OPD in-person clinic apts with Doctors from our partner network

Berry Box Benefits

Offers the best
in student wellness

Increases your school’s
safety quotient

Protects stakeholders
against uncertainty

Reimagines care
at your School